Hey Guys! So following my new Blog name... LIFE OF LIL. I have decided to finally give YouTube another go, because let's face it, my last attempt completely flopped. But I feel like I got my head in the game and you know what they say, if at first you don't succeed try try again! … Continue reading GET TO KNOW ME!🎥


New Year, New Vibes! 🎥

Hey Guys! Sooo over on my YouTube Channel, I am BACK! My days of neglecting it are over! AMEN! I have uploaded a new video "New Year, New Vibes" .... I'm spreading the love & positivity and sharing the things I am implementing into my 2018, which I think are really beneficial for all of … Continue reading New Year, New Vibes! 🎥

Sister Tag – YouTube Video!

Hey Guys!  So as you probably know I have unleashed my inner YouTuber (I am still learning the ropes!) but it is all fun and games!  I have decided to start uploading a new video weekly along side my blog! So to kick it off, I have teamed up with my sibling to do a … Continue reading Sister Tag – YouTube Video!