Hair Care: How I look after my Hair Extensions.

I’ve recently ditched the Bob’ and had a revamp with the help of some hair extensions! I haven’t had them done for years now but as us girls especially me do, we crave change! I’m trying to grow out my hair and so I thought I’d give the long locks ago. I was really nervousContinue reading “Hair Care: How I look after my Hair Extensions.”

MITCHUM – Taking me from sweaty mess to sweating less!

Hey Guys, I hope you’re all surviving in this hell of a heat wave!! I read a quote this morning that said “This weather got me realising I won’t last in hell, I gotta change” and I’m just over here like, lol relatable. Speaking of relatable – you should all by now that’s what thisContinue reading “MITCHUM – Taking me from sweaty mess to sweating less!”