New Year, New Vibes! 🎥

Hey Guys! Sooo over on my YouTube Channel, I am BACK! My days of neglecting it are over! AMEN! I have uploaded a new video "New Year, New Vibes" .... I'm spreading the love & positivity and sharing the things I am implementing into my 2018, which I think are really beneficial for all of … Continue reading New Year, New Vibes! 🎥


Stop giving a f*ck about what other people think!

Caring what others think. We are all guilty of it. We all have a habit of letting the opinions of others affect us and influence our choices and decisions in life. Fearful of others reactions, what they might think. Afraid of being judged. The status quo, because we have all become accustomed to think that … Continue reading Stop giving a f*ck about what other people think!

Lets Talk!

If it's one thing I have learnt in my 24 years of living, it's that life can be HARD. Decisions have to be made, choices have to be chosen, and sometimes you just have no idea how to handle situations! But what I have also learnt that is that all of us beings' experience a … Continue reading Lets Talk!