Hair Care: How I look after my Hair Extensions.

I’ve recently ditched the Bob’ and had a revamp with the help of some hair extensions! I haven’t had them done for years now but as us girls especially me do, we crave change! I’m trying to grow out my hair and so I thought I’d give the long locks ago. I was really nervousContinue reading “Hair Care: How I look after my Hair Extensions.”

How I style my Blunt Bob! (5 easy styles!)

Me and my hair have always been on some kind of love hate relationship. I used to be OBSESSED with hair extensions and despised my natural hair! But around 3 years ago now, I decided to ditch the hair extensions and embrace my natural locks and give them a bit of TLC. It turns outContinue reading “How I style my Blunt Bob! (5 easy styles!)”