7 Things to do to kick start the New Year!

2019. A fresh year. A chance to do over, start over – a clean slate. Which yes, we could do at any point in life, but lets face it – there is something really empowering and motivating about a new year.  This year I wasn’t rocking a hangover on new year’s day……ok, lets be realContinue reading “7 Things to do to kick start the New Year!”

Grow through what you go through!

Approaching the end of the year has had me in deep thought, reflecting back upon the year and what a shit show it’s been…….. I really had high hopes for this year….well when I say high hopes – I mean I was actually convinced this year would be ‘THE’ year. I guess, we all sayContinue reading “Grow through what you go through!”

20 ways to become more Carefree & Happy!

Over thinking & over caring has been 2 major factors in my personality. It’s not been doing me any favours, so lately I’ve been on a mission to be more carefree and live in the moment more. I’ve been feeling lighter, laughing louder and life’s becoming easier….here’s what’s helped me. 1. Is it going toContinue reading “20 ways to become more Carefree & Happy!”

Lessons I have learnt being raised by a single Mumma!

Forget comic characters, pop stars, and celebs. My inspiration, the person I’ve always looked up to and admired has always been my mumma. When I think of a real life super hero, she comes to mind. Here’s what I’ve learnt being raised by the strongest woman I know: Women can DIY too! Much to theContinue reading “Lessons I have learnt being raised by a single Mumma!”

What if old ways DO open new doors?

We all know that saying – old ways do not open new doors and up until lately I have completely supported and agreed with this statement. But did you notice how I said up until lately? Let me explain…. I am all for changes, change is good. Even if in the moment it doesn’t seemContinue reading “What if old ways DO open new doors?”

F*ck The Fear of Judgement

I’ve never been one to care what people think, I’ve never found myself living to others expectations, or based my life around others opinions. I mean some of the questionable content I’ve uploaded of myself onto snap chat in the past, proves that alone. (Is it weird that I genuinely find myself entertaining?) But latelyContinue reading “F*ck The Fear of Judgement”

25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years!

In just over 2 weeks I’m approaching 25. And yeah, although it’s just another number and I am another year older, I definitely feel like at this point in my life I’ve learnt a lot. 1.You can’t plan life – You can have a vision of how you want your life to go and haveContinue reading “25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years!”

The 10 Truth’s Behind Filming a YouTube Video!

YouTube the home to entertainment, whatever it is you’re into its on there. And if you are a YouTuber and are doing well, you can make a hella lot of dollar! But is it really that easy and straight forward?! I myself have my own YouTube channel with my whopping 30 subscribers (it’s a workContinue reading “The 10 Truth’s Behind Filming a YouTube Video!”