A weekend in Lake Garda & a Day Trip to Venice: Where to go & what to do!

So a week ago I headed to Lake Garda for a long weekend with my boyfriend (now fiancé! Yay!) And so I want to share the down low on our weekend, where we stayed, what we visited etc! So if you’re thinking of going, you’ve got a heads up! Or maybe your looking for someContinue reading “A weekend in Lake Garda & a Day Trip to Venice: Where to go & what to do!”

40 Thoughts: Whilst packing for Holiday

So as I am preparing for my last holiday of the year before winter presents itself – I am faced with the dreaded task – PACKING. Packing is the BAIN of my life. I am someone who try’s on her whole wardrobe before a night out, only to revert back to her original outfit again.Continue reading “40 Thoughts: Whilst packing for Holiday”

Travelling Australia || Video Montage! 

Hey Guys!  So I have been feeling a bit BLAH this week, so I thought I would reflect on my Travel Footage, looking back at these memories strikes a feeling of happiness in myself and I still feel so lucky and blessed to have had these experiences!  I lost so much footage along the wayContinue reading “Travelling Australia || Video Montage! “

10 Reasons why you should Travel solo! 

Travelling itself is an amazing experience  but there is something extra special about solo adventures! I went alone and in doing so I learnt so much! 1. You are more open to meeting new people – When you travel with a friend, it is easy to stick to what you know! You are less likelyContinue reading “10 Reasons why you should Travel solo! “

East Coast Australia: The Best Bit! 

*Disclaimer: This post may trigger a Travel Bug*  If you have started already looking at travelling Oz, then you would have heard all about the East Coast! & if you haven’t – then you need to read this and get up to speed pronto!  It goes without saying Australia is a big old’ country, forContinue reading “East Coast Australia: The Best Bit! “

Australia – Featuring Intro Travel

Thinking of travelling Oz? Already booked? Not hella sure where to start? Well here’s the low to the down on my First week in Australia – With thanks to Intro Travel.  Monday It all started at Base Backpackers Sydney Hostel or shall I say home for the week (little did I know the place that wouldContinue reading “Australia – Featuring Intro Travel”