I’m pregnant! (Details included)

Hey peeps’ Been a while since I’ve done a blog post. Fell off the bandwagon. (again) So a lot has being going down! And that being…I’m up the duff! So now it’s not just Life of Lil…it’s life of Lil and bump. (I know, original right) Anyways…… As I’m probably most definitely going to beContinue reading “I’m pregnant! (Details included)”

Is my Vagina normal?

*Disclaimer; this post contains in depth talk of vaginas, vagina flaps, and erm pretty much just vaginas in a nut shell. If one is easily offended by the word vagina or flaps, do not continue. You have been warned* Is my Vagina normal? The 4 bold words that have recently left my lips and theContinue reading “Is my Vagina normal?”