DIY maternity photos – black & white edition

I have seen a few people lately put messages up that they unfortuantly are now unable to get maternity photos done due to the lockdown were in. So I wanted to share my DIY Maternity Photography – Black & White Edition. They are  the easiest photo’s you could do/take of yourself, so I thought weContinue reading “DIY maternity photos – black & white edition”

Gender Reveal Details + We’re having a….BOY!

On the 14th March we had our Gender Reveal! A day I had been counting down for weeks! I was exactly 19 weeks pregnant & we had a private scan the week before at 18 weeks to find out the sex (but we didn’t know, it was put into an envelope!) We decided we wantedContinue reading “Gender Reveal Details + We’re having a….BOY!”

18 thoughts for 18 weeks pregnant

So today I am officially 18 weeks pregnant! Which means I am in month 5 of my pregnancy…only 4 more to go! It is starting to fly now, which I am actually loving because the first 12 weeks absolutely dragged! Being pregnant is such an amazing experience but it can also be quite weird, strangeContinue reading “18 thoughts for 18 weeks pregnant”

Going Caffeine free in Pregnancy with HOTTEA MAMA!

Hey lovelies, hope you’re all well. So I am officially 4 months in on my pregnancy! How time is flying by. In pregnancy it’s advised to cut down on caffeine & being an avid coffee drinker, I knew I had to switch up my hot drink & try something new! But I also wanted toContinue reading “Going Caffeine free in Pregnancy with HOTTEA MAMA!”

I’m pregnant! (Details included)

Hey peeps’ Been a while since I’ve done a blog post. Fell off the bandwagon. (again) So a lot has being going down! And that being…I’m up the duff! So now it’s not just Life of Lil…it’s life of Lil and bump. (I know, original right) Anyways…… As I’m probably most definitely going to beContinue reading “I’m pregnant! (Details included)”