25 things to do whilst in Lockdown!

Lockdown….. it’s something were all living through right now. Our lives as we once knew it has now changed and we are finding ourselves in a new uncertain reality. Our routines have been completely rattled and being at home it is hard to find ways to keep ourselves busy!  I myself have struggled, my motivation hasContinue reading “25 things to do whilst in Lockdown!”

I’m pregnant! (Details included)

Hey peeps’ Been a while since I’ve done a blog post. Fell off the bandwagon. (again) So a lot has being going down! And that being…I’m up the duff! So now it’s not just Life of Lil…it’s life of Lil and bump. (I know, original right) Anyways…… As I’m probably most definitely going to beContinue reading “I’m pregnant! (Details included)”

MITCHUM – Taking me from sweaty mess to sweating less!

Hey Guys, I hope you’re all surviving in this hell of a heat wave!! I read a quote this morning that said “This weather got me realising I won’t last in hell, I gotta change” and I’m just over here like, lol relatable. Speaking of relatable – you should all by now that’s what thisContinue reading “MITCHUM – Taking me from sweaty mess to sweating less!”

I have no desire to fit in

I used to be the girl that would compare herself and her life to everybody else’s. I used to find myself thinking I should be more like that, or more like this.  To this day it absolutely baffles my nugget that I used to be and think that way, because honestly when it comes toContinue reading “I have no desire to fit in”

Is my Vagina normal?

*Disclaimer; this post contains in depth talk of vaginas, vagina flaps, and erm pretty much just vaginas in a nut shell. If one is easily offended by the word vagina or flaps, do not continue. You have been warned* Is my Vagina normal? The 4 bold words that have recently left my lips and theContinue reading “Is my Vagina normal?”

7 Things to do to kick start the New Year!

2019. A fresh year. A chance to do over, start over – a clean slate. Which yes, we could do at any point in life, but lets face it – there is something really empowering and motivating about a new year.  This year I wasn’t rocking a hangover on new year’s day……ok, lets be realContinue reading “7 Things to do to kick start the New Year!”

Grow through what you go through!

Approaching the end of the year has had me in deep thought, reflecting back upon the year and what a shit show it’s been…….. I really had high hopes for this year….well when I say high hopes – I mean I was actually convinced this year would be ‘THE’ year. I guess, we all sayContinue reading “Grow through what you go through!”

20 ways to become more Carefree & Happy!

Over thinking & over caring has been 2 major factors in my personality. It’s not been doing me any favours, so lately I’ve been on a mission to be more carefree and live in the moment more. I’ve been feeling lighter, laughing louder and life’s becoming easier….here’s what’s helped me. 1. Is it going toContinue reading “20 ways to become more Carefree & Happy!”