DIY maternity photos – black & white edition

I have seen a few people lately put messages up that they unfortuantly are now unable to get maternity photos done due to the lockdown were in.

So I wanted to share my DIY Maternity Photography – Black & White Edition. They are  the easiest photo’s you could do/take of yourself, so I thought we would start with this first! You don’t need a fancy camera, photoshop or even a professional photographer to get some nice photo’s of yourself. Just a bit of patience, self timer and a editing app and you will be good to go! Usually I would use my canon camera that I use for my photography but for this purpose I have stuck to using my iPhone!

There are so many different maternity photo’s you could do, the creative possibilities are endless! And once you get the hang of taking photos of yourself and editing them nicely, you can really start to experiment more and try new things. To get the feel of it though, we will start with the nice and easy ones first…which are actually my favourite, I love a simple, elegant, timeless classic black and white portrait!

To get these photos, I stood against a blank wall, my iPhone on self timer (you can prop it up against anything if you don’t have a tripod/stand) My ring light (if you do not have one, natural window light will be fine, we play around with the lighting in the editing stage anyway so don’t worry) I usually turn off the main light in the room and just use the ring light/natural light…I find I get more of the ‘shadow’ vibe I like. (However these photos should be to your preference so give both a go and see what you prefer!)


I take my photo’s on my usual iPhone camera using no filter at this stage. Once I have the image, I then go into an app (available on IOS) called ‘retouch‘ in this app you can click on ‘object removal’ to remove any marks you don’t want in the picture (any bits of fluff etc caught on camera) (I actually usually just use this to remove a tattoo on my wrist that I hate!) It does take a bit of getting used to, so don’t stress if you don’t get the hang of it straight away! If there isn’t any marks you want to remove then you can skip this step.



I then save my adjustments and go into an app called ‘Tezza’ and I change my photo into black and white. I have lots of different apps that I use for filters/colour changes but at the moment the Tezza black and white is my favourite! But if you have a different app that you prefer then you can use that!


Once I have my photo in black and white, I then adjust the settings of the contrast/brightness/shadows and highlights. Now this is the part where you can really get creative and make the photo your own. Everytime you make an adjustment the overall look of the photo will change, so it really is down to personal preference how you want it to look! For these photo’s I wanted to go for more of a dark, timeless vibe instead of quite light, so I turned my brightness all the way down, I didn’t touch the contrast, and I enhanced the highlights just a smidge and enhanced the shadowing half way ( I like the shadow picked up) you can do this all through the Tezza app but I did mine via Instagram.


There is also apps you can get that can smooth your skin etc, for that photo finish look, much like you’d get with professionals and via using photoshop, however for maternity photos I like to keep mine real so I haven’t edited my body! (apart from the tattoo removal)


The above are the only steps I took to achieve these photos! It really is simple and easy to do and it’s quite fun to try out. ! So don’t stress if you can’t get those photoshoots in and give it ago yourself! I would love to hear how you get on. I will do a variety/colour DIY photoshoot and upload soon! img_6945img_6946img_6944c650c7b1-a462-419f-98cc-b70b28dc85693fd4b37b-ec82-4693-9c8d-8370bfd3f565img_4319


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