18 thoughts for 18 weeks pregnant

So today I am officially 18 weeks pregnant! Which means I am in month 5 of my pregnancy…only 4 more to go!

It is starting to fly now, which I am actually loving because the first 12 weeks absolutely dragged!

Being pregnant is such an amazing experience but it can also be quite weird, strange & erm frightening (all in the best way possible of course!)

Our bodies are quite amazing and the changes that take place are even more amazing. But it can take some time to adjust to the new feelings & happenings that our body is going through! Here’s my top 18 thoughts from conception to 18 weeks in!

1. Will my nipples ever feel the same again?! – WHY ARE THEY SO ITCHY. All. The. Time. I have given up trying to ‘discreetly’ relief my itchy ness… so if you see me in public getting down & scratchy (mind your own business please) not forgetting the sensitivity…one breeze of the wind & I feel like someone has my nipples in a head lock.

2. SO much body hair – What is with shaving my legs and the hair growing back instantly in front of my eyes? I wish I could say I’m exaggerating but I’m not…my legs, my pits, my vag …. I’m no longer human…I’m some sort of fur animal.

3. I feel like I’ve constantly wet myself – Lets not be shy here guys. Vaginal discharge is a normality for us women but for real..I’ve gone from the odd drip here and there to a full on water fall. And lord help me if I sneeze or cough. And I haven’t even given birth yet! I’m going through nickers like nobody’s business. Help.

4. Tiredness wins – I am constantly tired. Wake up, tired. Afternoon, tired. Early evening, tired. I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel like I need daily naps…often.

5. Why can’t I sleep? – You would think being tired would mean you can sleep. Lol, no. Lays on left side, un-comfy. Lays on right side, un-comfy. Lays on back…comfy…but oh wait, need a wee. And repeat……

6. Goodbye vagina – I have reached the point when I stand up I can no longer see my vagina…adios amigo.

7. Why can’t I do eating & drinking sh*t – I know you should try eat well in pregnancy but seriously how can I when all I want to eat and drink is every thing that is bad for me. Fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate & crisps … I NEED THEM. All. The. Time.

8. Why have I developed acne? – I have now become victim of a spotty back and arms…. You could literally get hours of entertainment playing dot to dot on me. Where’s the justice here people!!

9. What do I wear? – Getting dressed in pregnancy has become the ultimate bane of my life. Nothing fits. Nothing looks nice. If I do buy something, I quickly grow out of it. I live in the same 3 outfits. The struggle is REAL.

10. Omg there is an actual baby in my belly – When I actually think about the fact that there is an actual baby in my belly (which I keep doing)..it scares the hell out of me! I don’t know why. It just does. I find myself sitting there having to pull myself together. It’s a really weird overwhelming feeling!

11. How can I wee SO much – I can go a wee and then 3 minutes later need a wee again. I’m getting to the point I might just reside my self in the toilet area for good.

12. Oh sh*t I have to push this baby out – I am constantly thinking about giving birth. The thought scares the living day lights out of me. How is a baby going to fit out of my vagina. Is the pain really bad? Am I gonna cope? The fear is strong.

13. Did I take my vitamins? – I can never remember if I’ve taken my vitamins. EVER. Do I risk it and take it knowing I could of already taken it? Do I not risk it but then risk maybe missing the past 4 days. WHY can’t I remember.

14. Why can’t I remember anything – Turns out baby brain is a real thing. And it strikes whenever it wants. I washed my hair, but actually forgot to shampoo & condition it. I’ve put my phone in the fridge and couldn’t find it. I can’t remember things that I once remembered at the click of a finger. WHATS HAPPENING TO MY MEMORY!

15. Why is my whole body itching? – From head to toe I’m itchy. It’s like I have fleas.

16. Why am I out of breath walking up the stairs? – I mean, I’ve never been the most fittest gal in the world, but I could at least usually walk up the stairs without getting out of breath. That was until now. I’m breathing heavy & constantly short of breath. Fml.

17. Is this baby doing gymnastics? – I have started feeling the baby move so much! And at night time it literally feels like it’s doing some sort of gymnastic routine in my stomach. Let me sleep child.

18. I thought I was past the sickness? – I had been quite lucky with sickness, I kinda got it all out in one week. That was until this week I randomly found myself projectile vomiting Wednesday morning. Wahhh.

That’s just some of the thoughts and feelings I have experienced over the past 18 weeks and although it doesn’t all sound rosey, I really wouldn’t change it for the world. If you can relate drop me a message …or anything I’ve missed, drop it below!


Lots of love, Lil & Bump! Xo

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