A weekend in Lake Garda & a Day Trip to Venice: Where to go & what to do!

So a week ago I headed to Lake Garda for a long weekend with my boyfriend (now fiancé! Yay!)

And so I want to share the down low on our weekend, where we stayed, what we visited etc! So if you’re thinking of going, you’ve got a heads up! Or maybe your looking for some holiday inspo. (If so I have plenty of that!)

Lake Garda was not a place I had actually ever thought of going, but I was randomly scrolling through wowcher (to find an afternoon tea) when I saw the views of this place and I immediately needed to go!

We didn’t actually book through wowcher though because doing the flights through skyscanner and the hotel through booking.com actually worked out cheaper! (So for future reference always check separately and compare before booking anything!)

Friday / The Hotel / What did on our first day!

So we flew into Verona airport. From there we rented a car (we pre-booked this on Expedia & it only cost us £35-£40 for 3 days!) We ended up paying £90 when we was there for the complete insurance cover (because knowing our luck we needed it! Just takes the stress off) We didn’t actually end up with the car we actually requested, we actually never heard of the make before, but it did the job! I was convinced we was gonna have a just married moment (if you know you know)

From Verona airport we made our journey to lake Garda and our hotel it was about an hours drive max.

Within about 20 mins or so of driving, you can start to see the mountains ..the views are just ridiculous. I was incomplete awe the whole journey!

The closer we got to lake Garda the better the views became it literally was like something out of a film. Driving though little tunnels with the views of the lake and mountains it really was quite breathtaking. And there’s all barriers on the sides which was great news for me because the anxiety of driving alongside mountains was stressing me the f*ck out. My poor boyfriend had to put up with me telling him to slow down every 5 mins. (I’m a nervous passenger)

We arrived at our hotel Hotel Leonardo Da Vinci and we couldn’t of wanted a better location! It was literally on the lake & the steps across the road led down to the beach.

The hotel was quite big & had separate apartments surrounding it. It was very hilly & steep so be prepared for your legs to ache!

They had a pool area with a beautiful view & also had mini golf etc (which I reckon gets busy in prime months!)

We was all inclusive so it was a self service in the bar with alcohol, soft drinks etc! We also got buffet, lunch dinner and breakfast included. However we only ate at the hotel a handful of times! It was good food though!

The rooms were just basic (which for a holiday like this is all you need when you’re going to be out exploring) They upgraded our room to lake view & the view from our balcony (ground floor) which wasn’t really a balcony more of an open space was just amazing!

We headed down to the beach area to have a look around and a walk along. I was absolutely blown away by the view. I don’t even think photos could ever do it justice.

We then decided to jump into our automobile and take a drive and just see where we ended up! Where we was located, was a town called Limone sul Garda, so we basically drove in the opposite direction to that. And just kept on driving until we came to something that caught our eye! There wasn’t much going on for a while and then we came across a lovely little harbour with boats and restaurants. So decided to park up & explore!

We stopped in a cute little restaurant looking into the harbour and got a Italian pizza! (Pizza of dreams!) It got quite hot in the afternoon so it was nice to just sit and chill out!

We then drove back to our hotel and went to the local supermarket near there and stocked up on snacks obviously. Back at the hotel it was about 7 and my OAP of a boyfriend couldn’t keep his poor eyes open so we just crashed out!


Waking up in the morning I went out and watched the sun rise above the mountains it was just something I think I will forever remember it was quite surreal.

I did a google of places to visit and made a list of what caught my eye! I just used google maps to see how far the places were etc! So we headed into the town of Limone Sul Garda which was literally a 4 min drive from our hotel where we parked and then walked down the steps into the town. It was sooo beautiful. Little cobbled streets filled with shops, eateries, boat bays etc. You knew you was in Italy for sure!

We had a lil coffee and then decided to get the ferry over to Malcesine. Another town on the opposite side of the lake to where we was staying. The ferry port was literally in the town we was in but we moved the car to a closer car park. (As long as you have a satnav/map on your phone you can find it no problem!)

The ferry runs every 30 mins & was only €13 Euro return.

The ferry over was beautiful with loads of scenery & the sea air and mountains! It was really nice weather this day which was even better.

The town of Malcesine was quite busy and buzzing with lots of shops, eateries, a man playing the etc. You can also climb the castle too!

We then wanted to do the cable cart over the mountains so we went there but the wait was over an hour long and we didn’t want to miss out on the sunshine etc so decided to opt out! But highly recommend doing it if it’s not busy as can imagine the views etc are beautiful!

So we decided to have another Italian pizza & a chill on the lake. It was such a nice vibe & we even had a man playing his musical instruments! (I can’t remember what they are called lol)

After spending a few hours there we decided to head back to our hotel and decided we would go back into town for dinner. We found a nice little restaurant (and we didn’t actually eat pizza this time haha!)

It was so pretty with all the town lit up.

We then walked up to the church which has a beautiful view point of the lake! And then my boyfriend decided to upgrade me to a future Mrs!


On Sunday with my now fiancé feeling romantic he suggested us driving to Venice for the day! So we got going! (It was a spur of the moment decision, so if you’re wanting to visit Venice for the day definitely leave as early as possible to make the most of it!)

Our phone ended up taking us the longest way!! Like 4 hours & we ended up in the middle of no where with 5% battery & on the hunt for a shop which sold a phone charger (which cost a small fortune!) lesson learnt for sure! (All added to the adventure though)

What felt like 1000 years, we finally arrived at Venice and we parked in pretty much the only car park available (it is expensive!)

You then walk over the bridge into Venice town & it’s so beautiful and pretty! (Even if the heavens did open!) Everything I expected Venice to be! Just on water everywhere. A day trip to Venice was definitely enough for me, I couldn’t have stayed any longer.

We stopped for a little coffee & to hide from the rain and then just had a walk around and we decided to go on a Gondola (it’s €80 per boat so if your with others it’s not too expensive, but we decided to go alone!) I mean have you visited Venice if you haven’t do a gondola ride? It was pretty romantic for sure! (FYI I called it a Gorgonzola the whole time, had no idea until I got home that that was actually a cheese hahaha)

After walking around and that for a while, we decided it was time to head back! (We were pretty cold!)

On the way home the satnav took us a quicker route back and it was only 2 hours!

We was shattered by the time we got back to our hotel so just had our dinner there, ready to head home in the morning.

I couldn’t recommend Lake Garda enough, the place was just absolutely stunning! It’s a place you could just walk around for ages. I am sure there is so much more you could do and even in the time we was there but we feel we jam packed enough in. It’s such a beautiful place & I’d encourage anyone to go and visit and see it’s beauty!

I’d love to share all of my photos but we would be here forever! One of the most stunning places I have ever visited!

Happy vacaying’

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