Hair Care: How I look after my Hair Extensions.

I’ve recently ditched the Bob’ and had a revamp with the help of some hair extensions! I haven’t had them done for years now but as us girls especially me do, we crave change!

I’m trying to grow out my hair and so I thought I’d give the long locks ago. I was really nervous about getting them done because being a hairstylist myself, I first hand know some hair out there isn’t the best and I’ve also had a couple bad experiences. But you know, you can’t let past experiences hold you back and all that jazz! 

The hair I have had fitted is Russian Mongolian (double drawn) via the Nano Ring Method. I’ve had them in for a few weeks now & have washed them numerous times and they still feel as good as new! YAY. So to keep them that way, I make sure I look after them properly and so far, so good! 

Hair extensions are not cheap and you will want to get as much wear out of them as you can, so heres how I look after mine…and how you can too! 



This is so so important! You should opt for a sulphate free Shampoo/Conditioner. Sulphates can strip hair and scalp of natural oils and as Hair Extensions do not have natural oils, the sulphates can shorten the life span of extensions. I really recommend the Maria Nila range , which is what I personally use. They have different ranges, I’m currently using the ‘SOFT’ shampoo & conditioner. My hair feels amazing after and it smells lovely too! Plus it is also very affordable! 



You can get these products directly from MARIA NILA alternatively you can also find it on amazon and in Salon Services (if you have a sally’s card) 

I only wash my Hair Extensions max 2 times a week! Over washing them can really dry them out. Dry shampoo will see you through in between or do my trick and just wash the top of your natural hair for a freshen up! You will know when the extensions need a wash because you will start to feel the product build up.

I always de-tangle and brush through my hair prior to washing and I always wash my Hair Extensions in the shower. Do not flip your head over the bath and wash! It can cause tension/pulling to your scalp & extensions, as well as cause matting. Don’t apply conditioner or shampoo directly onto your bonds. Always make sure you rinse thoroughly, built up product in your extensions will leave them feeling sparse and can also make your head feel very itchy! 


With my natural hair apart from a bit of oil,  I never use products, however when it comes to extensions I always ensure I am using products to help maintain the quality of them.

I have been using 4 different products and every time I wash my hair and use them my hair feels amazing and SO soft after.

Living Proof’s restore, repair leave-in conditioner has become my new FAV must have! I didn’t actually buy this product, it came in my glossy box and after trying it, it’s a product I will now go on to purchase. It leaves my hair feeling so nice, its light weight and smells amazing! I distribute this evenly through my towel dried damp hair. They have a huge range of products that I now want to try! You can get the one I am using from Living Proof directly or via Look Fantastic as well as many more online stores! 




Moroccan Oil has always been a product I have used on my natural hair. It is my absolute go to! Unlike other hair oils I have tried, I don’t find this to make my hair greasy, I think it’s really light-weight and it smells amazing too! I’m convinced it’s helped in aiding my hair growth, as well as keeping my hair in good condition. I apply a small tiny amount of Moroccan Oil to my damp hair before drying and I also apply more evenly throughout my hair once I have dried and styled it. I literally couldn’t be without this product. I usually purchase my Moroccan Oil through Look Fantastic



Beauty Works products are newbies to me! I was browsing online and saw that they had really good reviews and they was priced well ,so I thought I’d give them ago! Especially as they are designed for Hair Extensions in mind. I spray The Miracle Spray evenly over my damp hair before styling, it actually has a really nice smell to it and makes my hair feel really nice afterwards. Again it’s a light weight product so it doesn’t weigh your hair down! 

I went for the Dream Shine because on past experiences I felt like my Hair Extensions in the heat can become a bit frizzy and it’s not a good look! Again, you apply this onto damp hair before drying. I’m not 100% keen on the smell of this product, however the smell doesn’t stick so to my hair, so I have continued to use this! My hair extensions always look shiny after blow drying, so far I’m impressed! I have also used the Dream Shine product on my Extensions when they are dry and have just been curled, it completely tames any fly aways/frizz! I got these products via Look Fantastic




I have been using a Wet Brush (thank god my friend introduced me to this) Wet brushes are amazing at detangling knots. The way the brush is designed it reduces hair breakage and damage. With this brush you can actually brush from the root with extensions in (which you would otherwise/usually have to avoid doing) it’s 100% a must have! You can find these at numerous places, I got mine from Salon Services but you can get here at Look Fantastic too! 



You can style your hair extensions as you would your own hair, however it is advised to use a low heat when using Styling tools! Over use of styling tools will decrease the life span of your extensions, so be sure not to over do it. Luckily if your curling your hair it usually lasts a few days anyway! (Which is perfect if you are lazy like myself) Also when sleeping at night, I braid my hair or sleep in a low ponytail. This stops your hair from pulling and also from matting! 


Hair Extensions need to have maintenance as they grow out, this prevents hair breakage and matting. The maintenance time will vary depending on what method you have in but usually its every 6-8 weeks. Your hair extensions will be removed, rotated and re-fitted. 

Hair extensions require patience and looking after! As long as your hair extensions are applied and maintained correctly they will cause you no issues nor damage to your natural hair. 

I had my extensions fitted at Mermane Hair Extensions in Sawbridgeworth, Essex. They are so lovely and I am so impressed with the hair and the fitting! Check out there  Instagram 

Fitted by Tania at Mermane



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