Is my Vagina normal?

*Disclaimer; this post contains in depth talk of vaginas, vagina flaps, and erm pretty much just vaginas in a nut shell. If one is easily offended by the word vagina or flaps, do not continue. You have been warned*

Is my Vagina normal? The 4 bold words that have recently left my lips and the re-occurring thought that has occupied my mind.

I can’t say my vagina has ever really been a topic of discussion, nor have I had many thoughts about it.

The first and only time I ever discussed the look of my vagina was back on my first girls holiday, getting changed my friend states “oh you’ve got a vagina like me” Like you? Ain’t we all got the same? So naive.

That was many years ago now and that was the end of the vag chat.

Until recently.

It all started a few months back…

I had bought a cute pj set (shorts & top to be precise) you know the ones that are not exactly tight, so your modesty is not exactly protected.

Anyways, at my boyfriends and ready for bed, I walked into the bedroom to hear my boyfriend ask “what’s hanging down from your shorts?”

I didn’t really know how to respond considering looking down all I could see was my vagina hanging out.

ITS MY VAGINA FLAPS” I nervously shout.

Like, are you taking the piss out of my vagina mate? The same vagina you’ve been with for ELEVEN YEARS.

He tried to save himself with the ‘I’m winding you up’ line. But being the obsessive over thinker I am, I wasn’t having any of it.

I now couldn’t get to sleep. I mean,the appearance of my vagina was stressing me the fuck out. Like are my flaps really long and like hangy?

The song “do your flaps hang low, do they wobble do they throw” was playing over and over in my head on slow motion…like something out of a horror movie.

The next morning, I found myself staring at my vagina. I needed clarification and support that the thing between my legs, was infact normal.

So as any girl does, I consulted with my bestie -because if anyone has seen my vagina as much as my boyfriend & myself it’s her. Turns out there is nothing quite like a best friends advice – because the best she could offer me was continuous laughter and the comments of “does it hang down like a little dick?”

I’m having a crisis here woman.

So still desperate for support I headed to the family chat. I have 3 sisters. There vaginas have got to be like mine. Surely.

“Hi guys, random one, are your vaginas like tucked away neatly or can you see your flaps?”

Once they got the laughing emojis out the way, they assured me it’s normal and that they had similar. (sorry sisters for outing the appearance of your vaginas over my blog)

I felt better. I wasn’t abnormal. My sisters wouldn’t lie to me. I kinda finally felt at peace with my lady parts.

Little did I know a few weeks later the vagina queries would surface again. Watching TV with my bf (yes the same bf whom without meaning to started this whole vagina saga)

The show ‘naked attraction’ was on TV. Five women lined up with there vag’s out in all there glory & low and behold NOT ONE resembled mine. I mean there’s all looked similar.

So there I was again, questioning the normality of my parts.

Is my boyfriend sitting here thinking he wished his girlfriends vagina was like that? Is he now secretly comparing mine to there’s?

I had to say something.

“My vagina isn’t like any of there’s is it? Mine isn’t all neatly tucked away. Like you can see my flaps. You can’t really see there’s. Do you like my vagina? Do you think it’s ugly?”

The poor bloke had no idea he was gonna be forced to participate in a Vagina Q&A.

Cutting a long awkward chat short. He’s content with my vagina & has no complaints.

I mean being realistic I can’t say him or anyone has really mentioned the look of my vagina to me, before. Is it all just in my head? Probably.

But to be extra sure I resulted to google. I literally googled for hours on end vaginas. The shapes of them. The sizes of them. The variations.

Much to my happiness – it turns out, I’m not the only person in the world to google this . There is forum after forum of many women asking the same anticipated question. And much to my doubtfulness there are vaginas just like mine out there. In fact there are many different vaginas and all of them are completely normal.

I have now accepted the vagina that I have been blessed with and with that – here I am sharing my story to assure the rest of you girls, that may have ever questioned the normality of one’s vagina – that yours too is normal! Not only that, the question of ‘Is my vagina normal?’ is more common then you may think.

Until next time Vag Chat, it’s been fun.

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