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Back to ME!

Hey Guys, 

Been a while huh? ….. well I am back and I am back with a vengeance and erm a re-brand. Goodbye ‘SugarCoatedNothings’ and hello ‘LIFE OF LIL’ #LOL 

Let me slow down and explain. 

Basically in a nutshell, I lost myself. I lost my way and lost sight of what it is I enjoy. Over time my Blog hasn’t felt like ME anymore or what I originally started back in 2015. 

To me then, my Blog was just a diary, a place for me to share the nitty and gritty of my life. The nitty and gritty that I later learnt we all have in common and can relate too. 

Back when I first created this Blog, I was in a really happy place in my life, I was travelling, having fun and really had the time to focus on me and what I wanted to do. I didn’t even know what blogging was. For me it was just writing, nothing more and nothing less. Over the past 3 years of being back home and re-adjusting back to ‘normal’ life, I started feeling the pressures of life again, getting back into a 9-5 Job to make money and just found myself slipping back into a rut.

All of sudden it felt like I was coming across load’s of Blogger’s online whom I started comparing myself too. I started second guessing myself, questioning my content and trying to fit in. With that, I lost my confidence completely. I stopped writing open posts, I stopped my YouTube Channel and started writing post’s that I felt like I had to, to be relevant over what I enjoy.  I just reverted inwards and kind of hid away. 

Reading old Blog posts, and old comments from people loving my open posts, my silly videos got me thinking ‘WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING’ ……and honestly I’m done hiding who I am, I’m done having no confidence, I am done not doing what I love. I refuse to sit back and let my passion, and what I enjoy hide away. 

Sugar Coated Nothings was a journey, a lesson, it served it’s purpose. 

LIFE OF LIL is back to basics. Back to me. 

So what can you expect? 

REAL LIFE SHIT. The up’s, the down’s, the awkward, the slightly too much information, the funny, the sad. Just my life, that in turn you may and may not be able to relate too. Maybe you will find it entertaining, maybe you won’t. Love it or hate it, I am going to be doing the real me and I cannot wait to start my new journey – starting right here, right now. 






Hey Sugar's! I am not fully articulated when it come's to introductions, there kinda awkward huh? But hey, I will give it a shot. So, my  name is Leanne Lilly (you can call me Lil) a 24 year old woman on a mission to sprinkle positivity, empowerment and fun onto my fellow human beings. I am a Hairstylist & Travel fanatic with a passion for writing & a love of over sharing with my straight up sally attitude, I with hold a huge opinion with no fear of sharing it. I don't sugarcoat babeh'. This is a Mish-Mash Blog, here you can find content of everything and anything - a little variety never hurt no body! Life is unpredictable, and so are my posts! I wanted to create and share something relate-able, because we are all on this crazy roller coaster ride we call life together!  I want to inspire and be inspired!

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