15 Reasons Why I Love Having Sisters!

Hey Guys!

So this weekend me and my sissay’s finally got a picture with all of us together, which is a miracle (even if it did take 30 attempts) ….looking at the photo it made me realise how much I frickin love having my sisters in my life & following on from International Women’s Day…I thought I would share some love for these special humans. Having a sister (in my case 3) is the best thang ever! Here’s my top reasons why!

1. You always have a huge selection of clothes to wear….I mean there wardrobe is your wardrobe right?

2. You can talk to each other purely through facial expressions

3. You can tell your most embarrassing & awkward stories to them without being judged

4. You can argue like hell one minute but be best friends the next

5. You always have the best advice, even if you don’t take it.

6. No one will be as harsh & straight up with you then a sister. Ain’t no love like tough love.

7. They will tell you if your selfie is hot or not

8. No matter how wrong you’ve done they will still have your back

9. They just get YOU

10. They sincerely just want the best for you in life & will help you get there

11. They give the best hugs

12. You can all just be weird AF together

13. When shit hits the fan you always got back up

14. You will always have a drinking partner

15. You have a best friend for life


If you have a sister/sisters in your life! Share this with them today to let them know you love them!


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