50 Random Facts About Me!

Hey Guys!

So I’ve only just realised I have never done a get to know me post for my blog! And well, I want you all to get to know me a bit better, you know get to know the girl behind the posts you read and all that jazz! I’ve decided to just do random facts, and yeah they really are quite random! Soooooo here goes!

1. I have size 3 feet

2. I have 5 tattoos

3. Coffee is my life

4. I’m an over sensitive. I cry at EVERYTHING!

5. I’ve been with the same guy collectively for 10 years (surprisingly neither of us have committed murder haha)

6. I was born 6th April 1993

7. I once won a trophy for best handwriting (2nd place though, fuming!)

8. I find toilet seats really comfy. People must think I always have the sh*ts cos I can sit on a toilet for hours. (Is that weird?)

9. I have the worlds tiniest adult hands (like I’m sure I could get a world record)

10. I can’t just eat 1 packet of crisps I have to eat like 3. I have no self control

11. I’m not a vegetarian but I don’t really eat meat. (I know I don’t get it either)

12. I suffer from migraines

13. I get drunk after 2 drinks. (I’m a liability)

14. I’m a sucker for a night in. Pjs, films & food just makes me realllllly happy!

15. I am a qualified hairstylist & hair Extension Technician

16. My middle name is Nicola

17. I really want Rebel Wilson to be my friend

18. I travelled Australia

19. I once crashed into my bosses car

20. I’d love to own a doggy day care centre

21. I’m scared of the sea

22. I’m a bargain buyer. Why am I gonna pay £50 for 1 top when I can buy 5?

23. I can be realllllly insecure

24. I’m a in 3’s sneezer

25. I’m a massive over thinker. If u don’t give me an answer, il make one up myself…

26. I’m mostly known as “Lil”

27. I used to film myself singing & dancing on the family video camera & ended up taping over our family holidays. Sorry mum. (Never ended up being a pop star either, dammit)

28. I’ve had 7 jobs

29. I loved athletics when I was kid (now I struggle to get up the stairs)

30. I’m double jointed

31. I have 3 sisters

32. I love CHEESE

33. I struggle to tell the time on a clock

34. I’m tongue tied

35. I’m more a savoury then sweet kind of girl

36. I prefer baths over showers

37. I left school at 14

38. I can’t sleep with the heating on

39. I have a guilty pleasure of reality TV

40. My favourite lip colour is nude

41. I have a really bad conscious…I can’t lie for shit!

42. I colour co-ordinate my clothes in my wardrobe

43. I’m obsessed with magpies

44. My mum is my fav person ever on this planet

45. I’m a massive believer of the law of attraction

46. I prefer gold over silver

47. I have a really bad gag reflex I gag when I cough, when I brush my teeth, bad smells…yup. I’m a gagger. (Wouldn’t make a great porn star😉😂)

48. My feet are ALWAYS cold

49. I get really bad car sick

50. I loveeeeee blogging

Hopefully from this post you have got to know me a little bit better (in a really weird kind of way) – maybe some of you share the same facts as me?! If so drop a comment below and if you don’t, still drop a comment below and let me get to know you better! Xo

Hey Sugar's! I am not fully articulated when it come's to introductions, there kinda awkward huh? But hey, I will give it a shot. So, my  name is Leanne Lilly (you can call me Lil) a 24 year old woman on a mission to sprinkle positivity, empowerment and fun onto my fellow human beings. I am a Hairstylist & Travel fanatic with a passion for writing & a love of over sharing with my straight up sally attitude, I with hold a huge opinion with no fear of sharing it. I don't sugarcoat babeh'. This is a Mish-Mash Blog, here you can find content of everything and anything - a little variety never hurt no body! Life is unpredictable, and so are my posts! I wanted to create and share something relate-able, because we are all on this crazy roller coaster ride we call life together!  I want to inspire and be inspired!

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