Bucket List 2018!

Hey Guys!

So last year I made a 2017 bucket list (which was a first for me!) – I did however completely forget I wrote one and when reflecting back on it last month I realised I only completed 6 out of the 16 that I wrote. Bit of a flop, huh?!

However, we are now in a new year which means a new improved bucket list, which I am now printing & mounting to my wall (incase my lack of memory kicks in again) …. I am legit so determined to tick off every single one this year! So I have settled for 12 bullet points, one for every month of the year. A bit more manageable… I hope.

Bucket lists are a really fun thing to do! They give you something to work towards, things to look forward too, and of course they get you out of your usual routine & get you trying new things!

So if you have not yet created a Bucket List for this year, what you waiting for?! Come join in on the fun! Check out my Bucket List below for some ideas! And if you guys can think of some Bucket List must haves, then hit me up!!

1. Go on a Bike Ride

2. Take a Yoga Class

3. Indoor skydiving

4. Finish writing my book

5. Body transformation

6. Register as an organ donor

7. Go to a comedy club

8. See dream girls in theatre

9. Try Guinness

10. Go ice skating

11. Hug a husky

12. Video the year & make a montage of 2018

I will keep you all posted along the way of how I am getting on, and be sure to keep me posted on your Bucket List Journey! Happy 2018 ya’ll! 


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