2018 – I got new rules, I got em!

New year, a time for a new outlook, new intentions, new progression … you get the vibe here huh? 

There is something really motivating about a new year. A chance to start a fresh. And can we just appreciate that this year, a new year starts on a Monday?! (OCD Happy!) 

I’ve put together some new rules for myself for the year of 18′ and of course, I am sharing them with you all, because I think they are really beneficial and positive for us ALL. 

Think positive no matter what! 

No matter what shit you face or what struggles or battles come your way, keep in control of your mindset! Our thoughts attract – so do not allow negative situations to consume you or control you. Keep looking for the positive in every situation. Negative mindsets only leave us feeling like shit, and ultimately just attract more shit. No bad situation lasts forever. The mind is everything! KEEP IT PMA. 

Do not prove your worth!

Do not seek validation or approval from others. Do not over compensate or prove how important or valuable you are. The ones who actually give a f*ck will already see this without any reminders. If you find yourself doing any of the above, cut it loose.

Love yourself more!

Let 2018 be the year of self loving! Forget the bullshit “expectations of society” – embrace who you are and be you. Love your damn self and show your self some TLC & appreciation. Confidence is a beautiful thang, wear it with pride!

Do something different every month!  

Set yourself the task, whether it is trying a new restaurant, finding different events, or fun activities to do – go do it! There is so many cool and fun things to do & experience. Doing something different & new is really refreshing. Do not stick to the same old. Open up your life. Venture out. LIVE MORE! 

Be a little selfish!

Put yourself, your needs, your interests & your happiness first! Do what is best for you & right for you. Take time out and focus on your self!

Look after your body. 

Feed your body good shit this year. Drink more water, eat good food & look after yourself. Healthy = Happy!

Participate in random acts of kindness!

Doing good makes you feel good! No matter how big or small do a random act of kindness for someone. Make others smile, spread some happiness. Kindness is everything, sprinkle that shit everywhere!

Live in the moment!

Do not focus on tomorrow, next week or next month. Put all your energy and focus on the now, living in the present moment! It will minimise over thinking & make life more exciting and stress free! 

Do not entertain what you do not want 

Do not feed or entertain anything you do not want or do not like! Give it none of your energy, time or attention. The less focus you give these things the more they will banish from your like. Focus on what makes you happy. 


Happy new year to you all xo 


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