Stop giving a f*ck about what other people think!

Caring what others think. We are all guilty of it. We all have a habit of letting the opinions of others affect us and influence our choices and decisions in life. Fearful of others reactions, what they might think. Afraid of being judged. The status quo, because we have all become accustomed to think that way. And to be quite frank – it’s ridiculous.

What you are doing is holding yourself back, limiting yourself, denying your truth and living in fear!

Others around you do NOT need to understand nor accept or even like your decisions and choices in life, because guess what, it is YOUR LIFE. You do not need the approval of others. The only persons approval you need is your own.

Do not be scared to speak your truth, on how you feel or on what you think. You was given a voice to be heard, regardless if anybody else agrees or accepts what you say.

It is completely necessary to be selfish in life, to focus on yourself, your own wants your own needs. You cannot go around selling yourself short.

LET PEOPLE JUDGE YOU. There opinion is merely just an opinion. It has no affect or impact on your life, unless you allow it too!
Life becomes a heck lot easier when you stop giving a fuck what people think of you and start living for yourself.

It is okay to stop doing what’s right by others and start doing what’s right by you, putting yourself first is a crucial part of life and a crucial part of your happiness.

The next time you go to say something and stop yourself – remember you have a voice to express how YOU feel.

The next time you disregard your ideas, your dreams, your passion – too afraid that other people will not support you, or will have negative opinions – remember you was put on this earth to follow your heart and to achieve what YOU want to achieve. Remember real failure is when you do not even try.

This is YOUR life. You are completely free to live it how you wish. Do the job YOU want, date who YOU want, dress how YOU want, say what YOU think, say no when YOU want to say no, say yes when YOU want to say yes. Do every single thing that you fully 100% want to do. No second guessing. No questioning. No doubting.

When you do not seek or need approval,you are at your most powerful.

Take ownership of your life, do what is best for you, have fun, follow your truth and embrace what sets your soul on fire. And most importantly do not ever stop doing YOUR thing.

This is YOUR life!


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