Nu Skin – Radiance Mask : Review

So I was asked to review the Nu Skin Radiance Mask and I was pretty hyped to try it as my skin has been in major need of some TLC! Plus, I’ve seen numerous celebs rocking this mask, and I have major FOMO so I needed to see what all the fuss was about! And it couldn’t have come at a better time, as I woke up this morning with the most irritated red/itchy skin and had been blessed with 2 new spots. (Thanks life) 
So I was like a kid at Christmas when I received it and I did not wait around to slap it on! 

Now all my previous face masks I have used have been cremes/pastes – where I’ve had to apply it all over my skin… the Nu Skin Mask, is quite literally a mask – all you gotta do is put it on your face. So it’s great when your feeling super lazy but still wanna pamper. It legit requires zero effort! (AMEN!) 
This mask is supposed to hydrate your skin and is good for people with Rosacea, uneven skin tone and dull looking skin. (so basically everything I have) and it should leave you with instant smoother and brighter skin. 

Removing this mask from its package you can immediately tell it’s going to be hydrating, it has loads of moisture to it (kind of like a wet feel) and feels really cooling. (My skin literally felt instantly relieved from its itchiness!)

Now the mask itself isn’t the most flattering, I felt like I had dressed up for Halloween early – and as much as I tried (and did I try) I couldn’t rock a great selfie with this – but I love a laugh, so whilst I was waiting the recommend 15 minutes, I jumped out & scared a few family members. Ok, and I sent a few selfies to friends. (A girl gotta keep herself entertained)

I left mine on for about 20 minutes, on removing the mask you should then rub in any moisture left from the mask. My skin felt really moisturised and like advertised, it really did feel hydrated. 

I could honestly notice that my skin looked brighter (especially around my eyes) and felt smoother too! For me personally it also reduced my red patches. 

Before – During – After

I have always been a bit skeptical when it comes to products claiming to give an instant noticeable result, but I am quite pleasantly surprised with this! You can’t argue that it does what it says it will! 

So if your skin needs some TLC I would highly recommend you snapping up one of these masks! To get yours  contact Char Simpson (Beauty Marketer) at Diamond Infinity via her Facebook Page or via her Instagram
Happy Pampering peeps! Xo 


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