Behind the scenes of a nude selfie: 30 Thoughts

After being in a long term relationship for quite a while now,  I’ve decided I need to bring out my inner sexy again. 1) Because it’s exciting to spice things up, 2) I need to remind my boyfriend what he got and 3) It’s something we all do right? 

Now I would love to brag that I’m a sexy kinda girl, but that would be a horrific lie – so I will cut the bullsh*t . I have less sass than a llama. So this whole unleashing my inner sexy is really difficult, because I am unsure it even exists! Saying that, I am a tryer so tried I have. 

But it really is easier said than done…..this was my exact thought process:
1. Okay, Leanne let’s get naked

2. So should I sit? 

3. Maybe I will try standing 

4. No sitting is better 

5. Shall I angle my body? 

6. I have no fucking idea what I’m doing!!

7. Ok, let’s google how to do this 

8. Sweet mother of god google, that’s porn!

9. Please no one walk in my room right now

10. Hope he cannot see any pubes in this pic 

11. Maybe I should shave my legs? 

12. How is this taking 54 attempts so far?


14. Okay, let’s try again. Be SEXY Leanne, SEXY

15. Let’s cover one boob. More classy. 

16. Wait, is someone coming upstairs?

17. He doesn’t even deserve this shit

18. How do girls do this though?

19. Think seductive


21. Maybe I should just stick my pjs on 

22. Why am I even doing this again?

23. Me no sexy

24. Think Beyoncé

25. Work it girl 

26. Hmm getting there

27. I’m sweating 

28. My battery better not go 

29. THIS, THIS is the one! 

30. Okay send, send and hide. 

The whole process is far from sexy. It’s very challenging, tiring and just hard work. My inner sexy has a resemblance to some what of a rock, but I do rock that rock from time to time. 
I can’t say I will make this a regular thang as it requires a lot of my energy…But I am hoping, this is a break through start and slowly my inner sass will start to creep out of the buried hole it’s been in for my whole life. I have faith…..(and back up photos so I can skip this whole process next time)

Girls, if you find yourself a pro at the sexy selfies, drop me a comment – email me – find me on social media, and let me into your secrets! And if your a girl like me who has zero idea how all this sexy vibe works come relate with me and have a giggle. It’s all fun & games! 
Happy sexy snapping! 😉 


3 thoughts on “Behind the scenes of a nude selfie: 30 Thoughts

      1. Ok, and here naïve me was thinking “yeah no sweat” just take a pic… It is so funny how much effort goes into making it seem effortless…


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