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‘Jeans & Nice Top’ – My forte! 

I came across the above quote the other day and I was like THAT IS ME! Like I have NEVER related to something more. The only difference being, its not always jeans, but it is some sort of trouser/short complimented by a nice top combo! Nice tops, are legit my saving grace when it comes to getting dressed!

Now I always used to be a dress kinda girl, but it seems over the past year or so my style has changed (maybe because I am super lazy, and the thought of shaving my legs or even attempting fake tan makes me want to crawl into a small hole)

However. I am really still digging my “nice top” phase. It’s easy. It’s convenient & most of all its recyclable – I can wear the same bottom half over and over without feeling like I have committed the whole “repeated outfit” crime.

Seeing the above quote and with it being so relatable, I decided to scroll through my Instagram and see how many times my outfits are made by ‘nice tops’ – turns out, pretty much every damn outfit. Here’s my most recent and favs!

1 – The White Shirt

I am still really obsessed with this outfit. The saying “less is more” – really springs to mind here. It’s easy, its fashionable and it’s classy! Adding a patterned/colour clutch gives it the perfect finish! The chiffon material is really light (so no sweat patches for me, amen!) – and I can totally see me using this next over a bikini at the beach!

Shirt: H&M


2- The Bardot Babe

Bardot tops are a prominent part of 2017. So I obviously had to get my hands on one (or 10) and I won’t lie – this top in particular has become a life saver on many occasions this year. Again, I’m lazy – so it’s easy and comfortable! It adds an essence of “sex appeal” showing off a bit of the back & shoulder (And sex appeal is something I need as much of as I can!) – Finishing this outfit off with a top knot, shows off the top and keeps the outfit cool & stylish!

Top from: A little hightstreet shop in Walthamstow for like £5!!

3 – Beach shorts combo

Now I don’t always match my nice tops to just jeans, I do venture out sometimes. My beach shorts from Primark was just sitting in my wardrobe so I thought I’d put them to good use, pairing it with my chiffon flared sleeve top! This outfit kept me quite literally in my comfort zone, and I had so many compliments on this little mish mash combo! Proving you can take beach shorts to a whole new level! The power of a nice top is endless!

Top from: Bardot in Walthamstow (another bargain buy)

4 – Cami Comfort!

Cami tops are my go to! Especially when they come in stand out colours, and have a “flow” to them! They make causal summer dinner outfits easy to put together and look really fresh and clean. The Pom was an accidental match, but I’m really loving this whole lilac vibe. And who doesn’t love a ball of fur? huh?!

Cami: Boohoo


5 –  Lingerie Blag

I love this cami! The silk complimented these trousers perfectly, and the little bit of lace and criss cross back gave the outfit a bit of sass! Proving, with the right top you can make any pair of trousers look 100% nicer!

Cami: Primark (lingerie section) £2!!!!!

  6 – No fear for shear!

So this outfit was inspo from Kim K – (if you close your eyes you can see the resemblance) – I mixed this shear polo neck with a bralet and I won’t lie I felt pretty cool. I styled the outfit with a top knot, to fully portray my no fear for the shear!

Roll Neck from: Bonnie & Clyde, Loughton.

Those are just a selection of my fav Out-fits created by Nice Tops! Nice tops are legit my saviour in life.

You do not need to be in a dress to be dressy, a nice top can do just that for you! Maybe one day, I will fight my laziness , shave my legs and get switch up my vibe – but for now I am really quite content with the ‘Nice Top’ life and I am gonna embrace it!

If you are a nice top and jeans kinda girl, message me with me your fav outfits and share the love! XO

(P.s totally aware I rinse the same pair of shoes, I do not get out often and comfort is my life)

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