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40 Thoughts: Whilst packing for Holiday

So as I am preparing for my last holiday of the year before winter presents itself – I am faced with the dreaded task – PACKING. Packing is the BAIN of my life. I am someone who try’s on her whole wardrobe before a night out, only to revert back to her original outfit again. (I know, I’m one of those indecisive annoying ones) – so the task of packing is somewhat difficult – since I cannot fit my whole wardrobe into a confined space and unfortunately for me, I cannot outfit plan. The fear of my indecisiveness kicking in & me suddenly not wanting to wear that specific outfit makes me anxious. So it’s all a bit of a catch 22. I need choices, and plenty of them. But I have limited space, and a mind that doesn’t want to make its mind up! 

This is my thought process whilst packing:

1. 1 pair of undies a day is fine (I mean I only have one vagina) but to be safe il take 20 pairs. Keep it fresh. 

2. Maybe if I try to fold these flip-flops, I could fit an extra pair of shoes in? 

3. Where’s the sand which bags for these bottles?!


5. Okay, I’m gonna be over the weight allowance. 

6. Its ok I will find the friendly looking person at check in so they don’t charge me. 

7. I can’t leave this top, it might get lonely. 


9. I should definitely iron this.

10. Do I even own an iron?

11. Where’s my padlock?

12. What was the code to this padlock?!

13. I can put these in my boyfriends case, oh and these.  

14. How do I work out what 15kg is?

15. *Googles how to work out 15kg weight*

16. Do I really need a towel? 

17. Who even invented suitcases? 

18. Why are toiletries so heavy?

19. I know I’m gonna end up living in the same bikini, but I will take all 6 incase. 

20. OMG I forgot I even had this!! 

21. I hope this makeup doesn’t break. Please lord Jesus. 

22. This is all gonna be so creased. 

23. Ok let’s save room & roll the clothes. 

24. Why Can’t I roll!!!!!!!! 

25. I better take these fluffy socks incase I get cold feet. 

26. I wonder if I could fit my dressing gown in here? 

27. Where’s all my Kirby grips gone!!!! 

28. Okay I’m bored. I will finish it later. 

29. I won’t take my hairdryer the Hotel will have one….

30. I bet it’s crap, better take mine! 

31. Oh shit, the straighteners are still hot. *unpacks bag* 

32. I should have made a list! 

33. I need a coffee….

34. I have to many clothes. 


36. I wonder how much it will cost to take an additional suitcase? 

37. Why is this so hard??!! 

38. Maybe I can squidge a shoe down the side? 

39. I’m tired. 

40. Fuck it, I’m done! 

Happy holidays! 

Hey Sugar's! I am not fully articulated when it come's to introductions, there kinda awkward huh? But hey, I will give it a shot. So, my  name is Leanne Lilly (you can call me Lil) a 24 year old woman on a mission to sprinkle positivity, empowerment and fun onto my fellow human beings. I am a Hairstylist & Travel fanatic with a passion for writing & a love of over sharing with my straight up sally attitude, I with hold a huge opinion with no fear of sharing it. I don't sugarcoat babeh'. This is a Mish-Mash Blog, here you can find content of everything and anything - a little variety never hurt no body! Life is unpredictable, and so are my posts! I wanted to create and share something relate-able, because we are all on this crazy roller coaster ride we call life together!  I want to inspire and be inspired!

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