40 Thoughts: Whilst packing for Holiday

So as I am preparing for my last holiday of the year before winter presents itself – I am faced with the dreaded task – PACKING. Packing is the BAIN of my life. I am someone who try’s on her whole wardrobe before a night out, only to revert back to her original outfit again. (I know, I’m one of those indecisive annoying ones) – so the task of packing is somewhat difficult – since I cannot fit my whole wardrobe into a confined space and unfortunately for me, I cannot outfit plan. The fear of my indecisiveness kicking in & me suddenly not wanting to wear that specific outfit makes me anxious. So it’s all a bit of a catch 22. I need choices, and plenty of them. But I have limited space, and a mind that doesn’t want to make its mind up! 

This is my thought process whilst packing:

1. 1 pair of undies a day is fine (I mean I only have one vagina) but to be safe il take 20 pairs. Keep it fresh. 

2. Maybe if I try to fold these flip-flops, I could fit an extra pair of shoes in? 

3. Where’s the sand which bags for these bottles?!


5. Okay, I’m gonna be over the weight allowance. 

6. Its ok I will find the friendly looking person at check in so they don’t charge me. 

7. I can’t leave this top, it might get lonely. 


9. I should definitely iron this.

10. Do I even own an iron?

11. Where’s my padlock?

12. What was the code to this padlock?!

13. I can put these in my boyfriends case, oh and these.  

14. How do I work out what 15kg is?

15. *Googles how to work out 15kg weight*

16. Do I really need a towel? 

17. Who even invented suitcases? 

18. Why are toiletries so heavy?

19. I know I’m gonna end up living in the same bikini, but I will take all 6 incase. 

20. OMG I forgot I even had this!! 

21. I hope this makeup doesn’t break. Please lord Jesus. 

22. This is all gonna be so creased. 

23. Ok let’s save room & roll the clothes. 

24. Why Can’t I roll!!!!!!!! 

25. I better take these fluffy socks incase I get cold feet. 

26. I wonder if I could fit my dressing gown in here? 

27. Where’s all my Kirby grips gone!!!! 

28. Okay I’m bored. I will finish it later. 

29. I won’t take my hairdryer the Hotel will have one….

30. I bet it’s crap, better take mine! 

31. Oh shit, the straighteners are still hot. *unpacks bag* 

32. I should have made a list! 

33. I need a coffee….

34. I have to many clothes. 


36. I wonder how much it will cost to take an additional suitcase? 

37. Why is this so hard??!! 

38. Maybe I can squidge a shoe down the side? 

39. I’m tired. 

40. Fuck it, I’m done! 

Happy holidays! 

Published by Life Of Lil

Hello lovely's thanks for stumbling by. If you are a returning reader, thanks for your continuous loving. If you are new here, welcome to the show (and again, thanks for the love) So you are probably on this page to find out the nitty & gritty of me eh? As much as I would love to brag that I am this really cool chick who occasionally fire breathes on the weekends for fun, that would be an awful not even funny lie.  Gosh, introductions- they are kinda awkward huh? No pressure.  My name is Leanne Lilly (more often than not, known and addressed as 'Lil') I am a 25 year old woman on a mission to sprinkle positivity, empowerment, fun and realness onto my fellow human beings.  I have a passion for writing and a love of over sharing with my straight up sally attitude, I embrace my voice & have no fear of sharing it. I guess I have just always had a thing for giving my opinion & expressing my advice. I am an over sensitive, big-hearted, cry baby who is majorly compassionate, understanding and giving, but who also has daily breakdowns, mood swings, & take's no shit. But I will always speak my truth. I suppose there is many aspects to this personality.  With that said it will be no suprise that this is a Mish-Mash Life Style Blog. A Blog that is home to everything and everything. You wouldn't find me in a specific genre, because I do not think you could tie my life down (let alone my personality) to one genre. This is just a Diary if you like of a truth-speaking, real talking girl. It follows my life, my feelings, my funny side (yes, I find myself funny) and all the shit that goes down in-between. And you will probably find a bit of TMI. Often. Sorry in advance.  Disclaimer: I am NOT a grammar goddess, so don't get all grammar police on my ass. (Pretty please) P.s... When I was 7 Year's old, I asked my mum what she thought I would be when I was older "A writer or something to do with writing" - I was FUMING. I wanted to be a pop star. Years on, here I am passionately writing away & loving it. Moral of the story: Mum's are always right. 

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