The struggles of being a GIRL!! 

Before you start reading just wanna make a quick disclaimer that this post/video contains chat of PMS, Vaginas, Hairy Legs and a hella lot more TMI. 
This week has been some what of a draining, emotional and irritable week for me. I have questioned why I am a girl about 25389291 times and have muttered “being a girl is so hard” probably an equal amount of times. 
From having period pains, to emotional unstableness (i.e. wanting to kill everyone) to uncontrollable leg hair growth. I have experienced it all. 
Being a girl comes with its struggles and let me tell you those struggles are REAL.
So I have dedicated a YouTube Video over on my Channel to this subject. 
So check it out HERE, feel my pain and come and laugh with me! 

Let me know if you all agree, leave your comments and please like and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
Oh, and happy Friday !! 😁


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