10 Reasons why you should Travel solo! 

Travelling itself is an amazing experience  but there is something extra special about solo adventures! I went alone and in doing so I learnt so much!

1. You are more open to meeting new people – When you travel with a friend, it is easy to stick to what you know! You are less likely to put yourself out there as much as you could! Travelling solo, allows you to start more conversations and get to know more people. It improves your social skills!

2. You learn to trust yourself – You only have you to guide you, you don’t have anyone else’s influences or opinions. This enables you to start making choices and decisions solely for yourself.

3. You get to know yourself – You have the time to get to know who you really are, and what you really like. You end up learning so much about yourself that you didn’t know before.

4. It’s empowering – Achieving something completely on your own is such an empowering feeling! You feel you can achieve and conquer anything.  You feel a strength you probably haven’t felt before.

5. You can do whatever you want! – You can do whatever you want to do and you can go wherever you want to go! You do not need to think of anyone else’s needs, just your own! You can go at your own pace and truly enjoy the essence of freedom!

6. You appreciate your friends & family more – Being away from everyone you know, you start to get a new sense of appreciation for them. You will realise how valuable they are in your life.

7. You learn the world isn’t as scary as you think – The world isn’t as bad as it is portrayed! You will meet amazing people and discover amazing places. Sure, you need common sense. But you learn there is more good in this world than bad!

8. You learn independence & self confidence – You discover a new confidence within yourself. You do things you wouldn’t before, you rely on yourself completely and you enjoy your time alone!

9. It will make you brave & enjoy taking risks – Travelling solo can be scary! Doing so proves to yourself how brave you really are. It will make you want to do more things that scare you, and you learn from taking a risk opens up a world of possibilities.

10. You realise you are never really alone- No matter where you end up in the world there is always people around you that are up for a chat or to tag along on an adventure.

If you have travelled solo drop your comments below to what it taught you!

And if you are thinking of going travelling and want some advice, drop me a message below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Happy travelling people! XO


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