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Makeup & Lingerie – Bargain Buys! 

Since the weekend is nearly upon us, (thank you Jesus lord) – I thought I would reflect on last weekend, and share my Sunday bargain purchases with y’all. Consisting of Makeup, lingerie, more makeup & more lingerie. Who Am I?!

I think subconsciously I am trying to unleash my inner sexy, that seems to have been in hibernation for 24 years – because I didn’t buy one piece of lingerie, I purchased 3! THREE!

And can I just say, they are a far shout away from my usual basic cotton thongs – you know the packets of 5 for like £4? (Comfort is important guys). I’ll be honest, I am a sucker for comfort & big PJ’s…why spend dollar on sexy lingerie when it’s just gonna end up on the floor (if you get my flow) However, I feel super soz for my boyfriend – not having anything sexy to look at so I thought il try.

So here is what I got my hands on…..and OFCOURSE they was in the sale!


The thong set me back a whole £1! The bralet £3 & the cami £3! (All from Primark) How can you not try to unleash your sexy side for £7! (I have not yet strutted my stuff in these sexy little pieces yet, so reactions are unknown – but il be sure to let you all know how I get on!)

Onto makeup….

Again, I have never been a makeup girl – I usually go for the cheapest product and just hope for the best! But I thought I would experiment and try something new! (Obvs still at a reasonable price) …

I have run out of day time foundation, and MAC during the week is just too much for my sensitive skin to handle, so I was on a mission to find a new weekday foundation. I went into Kiko Milano  (my recent fav makeup store!) After looking around I found this little bottle of Glory.






It’s a BB Creme, foundation treatment, which contains micro-encapsulated Pigment that reacts to the natural skin tone! (it’s seriously like magic) you can notice the difference immediately, and it honestly feels so light and fresh on the skin but also gives you that foundation finish effect!

I have used this for a few days & I can see an improvement in my skin already! This was half price, and I think the deal is still on…I 100% recommend snapping this up for £4.90!!!

Whilst I was in Kiko Milano, I was recommended a liquid Illuminator – a product you use with or without foundation to give you a dewy complexion, lifts complexion and is also a primer for foundation. (She tried it on me & yeah it felt amaze) – It was in the sale but was still priced at £16.90 and that’s a lot dollar for a product you are unsure on.

So I found an alternative in Boots – in the Collection range! £4.99 bargain!

I have been using it with the BB Creme and it really does give you a nice glow & my skin feels so soft. I haven’t yet tried this with foundation but I am pretty sure it’s gonna be amaze!

I’ve been noticing my friends use translucent powder (they are much more makeup savvy than me!) and I’m like what is this, what magic does this work? I kinda now need this. (Again, I have zero idea what I am actually using it for so I don’t want to push the boat out)

I saw a NYC one for £9 which I carried around boots with me, but it didn’t make it to the till because of course again, I found a cheaper alternative – in the Collection range for £5. It didn’t look as bright and as vibrant but hey I gotta start somewhere.

I used it but I admit probably not to its full potential, however I did notice it set my makeup nicely! I shall YouTube how to use this little babeh’ properly and see what magic it works!

Lastly, after wearing Eyelash Extensions for a while and loosing a lot of natural lashes – they finally grew back so I needed a new mascara! I have been using a MAC one but it has gone so lumpy and gloopy (waaaa!)

FullSizeRender (36)

Whilst browsing the Collection range I came across the Extreme Colouring & Lengthing Mascara It was £3! And I am really happy with it. 100% my new fav mascara!

It was not my intention to actually go shopping, but I was out and I am a sucker for a bargain so when I see them, I gotta get them! Drop a comment below or email me with your recent bargain buys! As always, sharing is caring! XO


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