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Hey Sugars,

So it is no real shock by now to any of ya’ll that I have a passion for writing & over sharing huh?

I just cannot help myself when it comes to sprinkling positivity, empowerment & happiness onto my fellow beings!

So I was sat there thinking, how can I blab my mouth more?! Then rev run in the bath hit my mind & I was like … Da da da dummmm – NEWSLETTER!

So I am super siked to now have my Newsletter up and running! So what can you expect to find?! EVERYTHANG!

You may get a motivational inspiring post, an embarrassing story…or just me talking complete shizzle! The possibilities are endless. It will be a surprise, but we all love surprises eh?!

I will also be doing giveaways & sharing my recent bargains! So it’s not to be missed!

Please  Subscribe here!– and come be apart of the journey! It’s gonna be a hella of a ride!

(You can unsubscribe at anytime, but I promise you, once you are with me – you won’t ever wanna leave!)



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