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East Coast Australia: The Best Bit! 

*Disclaimer: This post may trigger a Travel Bug* 

If you have started already looking at travelling Oz, then you would have heard all about the East Coast! & if you haven’t – then you need to read this and get up to speed pronto!

 It goes without saying Australia is a big old’ country, for someone who has never been it can be a daunting task of knowing where to go and what to do! So, I have created the “Best Bits”  – of the East coast  so this should help you make the most out of your trip!  


Here you will depart from a little town called Airlee Beach & set off Sail! You will stop at world-famous snorkeling spots, sail over crystal clear waters and visit White-haven Beach – the view can only be described as something off of a post card! If you love snorkelling, or want to try snorkelling – this is the place to be, right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef! If you have never experienced sleeping on a boat, I would go for the 2-3 day tour! In the evening the sky is full of stars, and you will definitely see a shooting star or 2!  Check out their website now, and get planning your trip! Check it out here!


This is an absolute must when in Australia! Not only are you  jumping out of a plane (which is pretty damn awesome) you are also witnessing the most amazing views of the great barrier reef. The place is set right on the beach front, and the friendly and fun staff really do add to the experience! Check out their website to book your skydive HERE!



The worlds LARGEST sand island! Drive a 4×4 across long stretches of sand and off-road tracks! You will stop at amazing lakes and wander through the towering rain forest! Definitely add camping to your Fraser Island tour & if you have  had a heavy night, head over to Hangover Creek.  Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for Dingo’s! To learn more about Fraser Island, the history of it and to book your tour check out their website HERE!


A beautiful little Island near a place called Townsville. Here you can rent your own 4×4 and drive around the whole island. They have many different beaches which are so quiet, you can enjoy them to yourself! Amazing waves, warm water and you can snorkel too! The island also has some amazing view points and the sunsets are incredible. I would recommend staying at Base Backpackers – located on the Beach and is home to the only Full Moon Party in Australia, check out their website and Book here!


There is so much to do in Cairns! I went on a Great Barrier Reef Diving & Snorkelling trip where you can experience what the Reef really has to offer – check the website out here.  I would really recommend going White Water Rafting , an adrenaline packed day plunging through rapids, floating through streams and the scenery is pretty unreal check it out here! If you just want to chill, there is a lagoon and plenty of shops/restaurants!


Noosa has a really nice town full of restaurants, shops and a lovely beach! You can find the most amazing ice cream here! If you want to do something different, you can also kayak the Everglades, which you can book here.  


There is so much to do in Australia’s East Coast and so many places to Visit, such as: Byron Bay // The Great Ocean Road // Cape Tribulation Road Trip // Penguin Parade, Phillip Island  // Bondi to Coogee Sydney and more! So if your thinking about setting off, you can be assured you will have the time of your life!

If you want anymore information on travelling Australia, fill out the form below and I will get back to you with travel inspo’ asap! And if you have been to Australia and can recommend anywhere I need to go next time I visit, share the love below!

Happy Travelling People! XO

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