If it’s one thing I have learnt in my 24 years of living, it’s that life can be HARD. Decisions have to be made, choices have to be chosen, and sometimes you just have no idea how to handle situations!

But what I have also learnt that is that all of us beings’ experience a lot of the same. We just don’t think it, because it is easy to feel alone and feel like the only one – when everyone else seems to be happy and getting on with life. But people only want you to see what they want you to see, no one wants to broadcast theirย struggles and failures. But that doesn’t mean they have not had them, or having them. Life can be tough for everyone.

I have also learnt that sometimes you just need to speak to someone you don’t know. To get a complete outsiders perspective, and outlook with no judgement or personal opinion. It can be quite eye-openingย and refreshing.

That’s why I have started a “LETS TALK” – for anyone who wants advice on absolutely ANYTHING!!

I may not have all the answers to life, but I have been through my fairย share – and I get life, and I get people. I want to encourage people to talk more – no one should ever feel alone!

So this is for EVERYONE. People who have no one to turn to, people who do but want an outsiders take on it, or people who just wanna say hey!

Hopefully from this, we can all learn to talk more. Help each otherย & being happy souls!

We are all going through this crazy journey called “life” together, so starting together – let’s make that journey a little easier and hella lot happier!

Wanna talk?! Click -> Letโ€™s Talk!ย Now and email me!

Happy talking’ Sugars! Xo


Hey Sugar's! I am not fully articulated when it come's to introductions, there kinda awkward huh? But hey, I will give it a shot. So, my ย name is Leanne Lilly (you can call me Lil) a 24 year old woman on a mission to sprinkle positivity, empowerment and fun onto my fellow human beings. I am a Hairstylist & Travel fanatic with a passion for writing & a love of over sharing with my straight up sally attitude, I with hold a huge opinion with no fear of sharing it. I don't sugarcoat babeh'. This is a Mish-Mash Blog, here you can find content of everything and anything - a little variety never hurt no body! Life is unpredictable, and so are my posts! I wanted to create and share something relate-able, because we are all on this crazy roller coaster ride we call life together!ย  I want to inspire and be inspired!

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