Things to quit in 2017..

Whenever a new year starts we all make resolutions for the year ahead, some we stick too, some we don’t , nether the less these resolutions give us a bit of empowerment and drive inside. But I say why just make resolutions? Why not quit doing some sh*t too? Give our self double the empowerment and drive!  Throw out the old, embrace the new! So here is a few things you should quit doing this year.

QUIT TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE – You have got to look out for and please yourself. It is not your job to keep everyone around you happy. Focus on yourself and your own needs.

QUIT OVERTHINKING – We could over think a situation for hours, days, weeks. It will not change the situation you are in, nor will it make it any better. Overthinking consumes our mind and our energy. Focus on your mind on things that bring happiness into your life. 
QUIT  WASTING TIME – Time. THE most valuable thing we can ever have. Time is precious. We only get a limited amount, so do not waste time on things or people that do not make you happy or fulfil you. 
 QUIT LIVING IN THE PAST – Life is changing every second, no day is the same. You cannot live in the past & expect a new life. Accept what was and embrace what will be. Have faith in that, where you are now, is exactly where you need to be.
QUIT PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN – You have to live with yourself 24 hours a day FOR LIFE. Fuck, you should love yourself, accept yourself and respect yourself at all times. Be your number 1 FAN. Confidence is attractive.
 QUIT FEARING CHANGEChange is necessary in life, we need change to have progress and movement. If you do not accept change, your life will never move forward. Remember, one change can alter your whole life and usually, its what we need.
QUIT IGNORING YOUR INSTINCTS – Gut Instincts, they happen for a reason. There your truth. Listen to them more, take notice and follow them. Intuition never fails and will never lead you wrong.
QUIT TRYING TO FIT IN – Stop trying to fit in with what is around you. People that love you will accept you for who you are. Be you, do you. Standing out says more then fitting in.
QUIT APOLOGISING Do not apologise for every single thing you do because someone might think its wrong. Do not apologise for having a voice or saying what you feel. Never apologise for being real.

QUIT TAKING PEOPLE’S SHIT – If someone is not respecting you or treating you right – kick them to the kerb. You was not put on this earth to be talked down to, or walked over. Never allow anyone to treat you any less, then you deserve. When you remove the wrong people from your life, your creating room for the right ones.

QUIT BEING NEGATIVE – Negativity attracts negativity. Whatever we think, we attract and create. So replace your negative thoughts with positive ones.

QUIT STICKING TO YOUR COMFORT ZONE – When you stick inside your comfort zone, you are not allowing new opportunities to enter. If you stay in the same pattern and routine, you will never find anything new. Sure it is scary to take a risk, but from doing so you can change your whole life.

QUIT GIVING UP – Things do not always happen straight away, but just because they don’t – does not mean they will not. Embrace every set back, knock back and road block and use them to empower you and keep pushing you. Never give up, believe you will achieve what you want and you will.

New year, new vibes, new outlooks. Let’s quit the old, and embrace the new. – SUGARCOATEDNOTHINGS© 2017




Hey Sugar's! I am not fully articulated when it come's to introductions, there kinda awkward huh? But hey, I will give it a shot. So, my  name is Leanne Lilly (you can call me Lil) a 24 year old woman on a mission to sprinkle positivity, empowerment and fun onto my fellow human beings. I am a Hairstylist & Travel fanatic with a passion for writing & a love of over sharing with my straight up sally attitude, I with hold a huge opinion with no fear of sharing it. I don't sugarcoat babeh'. This is a Mish-Mash Blog, here you can find content of everything and anything - a little variety never hurt no body! Life is unpredictable, and so are my posts! I wanted to create and share something relate-able, because we are all on this crazy roller coaster ride we call life together!  I want to inspire and be inspired!

4 comments on “Things to quit in 2017..

  1. Love it, love how you inspire…you know what it takes to create change, knowing is one step…actually putting it in to motion is another ha ha…
    Love your blogs ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Love love this 👏🏼😆😘

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