Things will not change – unless you do!

Changes. They happen all the time. Some subtle, some major. Some self inflicted   and some out of no where. Life is always changing and sometime’s we do not even realize it, until we look back and wonder how the hell did we end up where we are?!

Without us even realizing, we are in control of the changes that take place in our lives. Some for the better, some for the worse but all equally contributing towards our life journey and teaching us valuable lessons along the away.

So many of us experience change, and want change’s to take place but so little of us are actually allowing change to take course. We are creature’s of habit. We do the same things, go to the same places, and stay inside our zone – because we are used to it and comfortable. We are scared of the unknown. So we stick to our routine hoping one day we will get a lucky break and our lives will alter and change to how we want them.

Reality being – it is not gonna happen. Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Whether it be changes within work, relationships, friendships – absolutely anything – you will never see the changes you want manifest if you are not willing to make one yourself. Progress is impossible without change. Everything we do, start’s with ourselves, whether it’s our thoughts, our vibes, our attitudes and or actually physically with our actions. We are in control.

If you want change in your career – take other interviews, quit if you have to! Waking up everyday and doing the same 9-5 job is not allowing you to let anything new enter. Do not work 40+ hours a week building someone else’s dreams and then go home and not work on your own!

If your unhappy how people are treating you in friendships or relationships, change your attitude. Do not be available. Focus on yourself. Do not allow it to continue just because your scared of changing and them leaving. Once you change, you will notice other people’s attitudes towards you and around you change. People will not change unless you do.

If you look back in 5, 10 even 20 years and are still doing the same old thing, if you are regretting not taking opportunities, or your feeling sorry for yourself because your life has been on repeat all because of fear stopped you – then do not expect sympathy. Because YOU allow your life to head where it is.

Yes, It is scary to jump, to take a risk but it is even scarier to live a stale life of regret controlled by fear. You have to take down your barriers, knock down your walls and allow new things to enter your life. If you want new things, you have to allow yourself to feel a little uncomfortable.

Your life is a story and some stories come to end. You would not re-read the same story over and over, it would be boring. So do not let your life be the same story. Close the book on the old sequence, close the book on fear – and start the new once upon a time..

It only takes one person to change your life. YOU. So make a wish, take a chance, make a change.

Published by Life Of Lil

Hello lovely's thanks for stumbling by. If you are a returning reader, thanks for your continuous loving. If you are new here, welcome to the show (and again, thanks for the love) So you are probably on this page to find out the nitty & gritty of me eh? As much as I would love to brag that I am this really cool chick who occasionally fire breathes on the weekends for fun, that would be an awful not even funny lie.  Gosh, introductions- they are kinda awkward huh? No pressure.  My name is Leanne Lilly (more often than not, known and addressed as 'Lil') I am a 25 year old woman on a mission to sprinkle positivity, empowerment, fun and realness onto my fellow human beings.  I have a passion for writing and a love of over sharing with my straight up sally attitude, I embrace my voice & have no fear of sharing it. I guess I have just always had a thing for giving my opinion & expressing my advice. I am an over sensitive, big-hearted, cry baby who is majorly compassionate, understanding and giving, but who also has daily breakdowns, mood swings, & take's no shit. But I will always speak my truth. I suppose there is many aspects to this personality.  With that said it will be no suprise that this is a Mish-Mash Life Style Blog. A Blog that is home to everything and everything. You wouldn't find me in a specific genre, because I do not think you could tie my life down (let alone my personality) to one genre. This is just a Diary if you like of a truth-speaking, real talking girl. It follows my life, my feelings, my funny side (yes, I find myself funny) and all the shit that goes down in-between. And you will probably find a bit of TMI. Often. Sorry in advance.  Disclaimer: I am NOT a grammar goddess, so don't get all grammar police on my ass. (Pretty please) P.s... When I was 7 Year's old, I asked my mum what she thought I would be when I was older "A writer or something to do with writing" - I was FUMING. I wanted to be a pop star. Years on, here I am passionately writing away & loving it. Moral of the story: Mum's are always right. 

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