I am my Valentine’

The big V Day, the day of love, where love is in the air
BLA BLA BLA, let’s face it – it’s the day your on/off boyfriend makes the effort for the first and last time of the year (and by effort I mean turns up to the place you booked) he does buy you flowers but does also forget to buy you a card so your quite understandably fuming, and the night ends in an argument. (ah, just my experience then?!)

Well this year my only concern is what I am going to buy myself?
Because I’m free, I’m single, and I don’t need no man – can I get an amen?! – and for that reason alone I sure as hell deserve something special (and by special I do mean something cheap because I am a backpacker and I’m poor) so maybe I will just chill in my PJ’s, eat a packet of tim tams. wash em’ down with a glass (bottle) of wine whilst getting lost in YouTube for a couple of hours’

The thing is I’m just not really feeling the man scene right now (okay and the man scene clearly isn’t also feeling me) I’m just to pre occupied with avoiding washing my hair, and deciding what to eat, and chilling with my sudocreme covered face. It really does take up a lot of my time. Honestly it does.

Maybe I’m making myself feel better, maybe I’m actually in denial, or heck – maybe I really don’t care about Valentine’s Day and just want to resemble Bridget Jones. I pick the last. And I really am content with that.



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